SAKABE, Hitomi

Hitomi Sakabe is a visual artist, author and educator.
She has worked with various Korean publishers, including Design House and Woongjin Thinkbig. She has published 8 picturebooks and 2 books in South Korea.
Her work has been recognized with a string of awards, most recently a Merit Award iJungle Illustration Awards 2019.
She received her Doctorate of Design degree(DDes) at the Seoul National University and she is also assistant professor in the department of visual communication design at the Keimyung University. She teaches illustration and visual communication design.
She is a member of the JAGDA(Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.), the Daegu-City Arts Deliberative Committee and the Association for Studies of Picture Books.
Her works are held in private collections in Japan and South Korea.

Research Interests

■ Sequential Images and Visual Storytelling
■ Communication through Word-based Art
■ Coexistence of Disparate Things
■ Inductive Methodology and Archiving
■ Languages and Nonverbal Things

Books & Illustrations for zines

<요요요 잠꾸러기야! The Fox and the Sleepyhead>
<요요요 방귀대장아! The Fox and the Tooting Bear>
<엄마, 내일도 같이 놀자 Mommy, Will You Play with Me?>
■ “Doljanchi, a Family’s Greatest Effort to Bring Happiness 정성으로 행복 빚는 한국의 돌잔치”, URIMUNHWA Vol.291
<요요요 따라쟁이야! The Fox and the Copycat>

<외갓집은 정말 좋아! Home by the Sea>
■ <책 짓기 Book about Making A Book>
<앞니가 흔들흔들 My Wobbly Tooth>
■ < Pictorial KANA with Hitomi’s watercolor 히토미의 수채화로 만나는 히라가나 가타카나 >
■ < 그렇게 삶은 차곡차곡 Brick by Brick, Life Thus Goes On>
■ Monthly mom&enfantDesignhouse inc., September, 2016.
■ 아이와 나  J And I.
■ 내가 엄마 해야지 I’ll be Mom.


■ Assistant Professor, Keimyung University (Department of Visual Communication Design ), 2018~
■ Lecturer, Keimyung  University (Illustration), 2017
■ Lecturer, Sungshin Women’s University (Illustration, Visual Information Design), 2014~2017
■ Lecturer, Kaywon University of Art and Design (Identity Design), 2017
■ Lecturer, Hana Academy Seoul (Graphic Design 1,2), 2013
■ Lecturer, SongJung Middle School (Design, Art), 2012~2013
■ Internship, Corporate Design Center LG Electronics (Development of Mobile GUI), 2008

■ Doctor of Design, Faculty of Craft and Design, Seoul National University, 2013 – 2017
■ MFA in Graphic design, Hongik University Graduate School, 2011 – 2013
■ BFA in Painting, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, 2003 – 2010
■ BFA in Design, Faculty of Craft and Design, Seoul National University, 2003 – 2010

Selected Recognition, Awards and Grants
Shortlist – Illustrate(Graphic): London International Creative Competition 2021, 23 Feb, 2022
Outstanding Advising Award. Keimyung University, 20 May, 2021
Best Advisor Award, The Korea Society of Illustration Research. 29 December, 2020
MERIT AWARD, iJUNGLE ILLUSTRATION AWARDS 2019, iJungle Awards, January 21, 2020
■ Awarded Korean Government Scholarship Program, 2013-2016
■ Completed the Course of the 2015 Graduate Students Forum on Asian Studies at the Seoul National University Asia Center, 2015
■ Awarded for excellent academic achievement by the National Institute for International Education, 2014
■ Awarded Korean Government Scholarship Program, 2011-2013
■ Graduated with honors – Cum laude, Seoul National University, February, 2010
■ Marks & Spencer Prize, Climate Cool Poster Design Competition, British Council in Korea, 13 June, 2008
■ Accepted to IGDB 5, International Graphic Design Biennial Ningbo, 2008